Handyman Connection

For the Handyman Connection project we were assigned to shoot 20 stills, and 9 videos over the course of two days. Careful planning was required since we needed to design a work-flow that would be efficient enough to capture the stills, B-roll, and interview shots needed in such a short time. To maximize efficiency we lit everything with continuous lighting, allowing us to quickly change between still photography and video.

Okta: Boundless

Each of the past 3 years, Okta has given us the opportunity to create awesome video content for their Sales Kickoff Event. This year's theme was "Boundless" so we decided to see how high they could fly in 1,000 frames per second slo-motion.

Madefire + Microsoft

The Microsoft Surface Studio is a powerful device for artists. It's size, color rendition, responsiveness, resolution, and ground-breaking Dial interface empower creators and companies like Madefire to take their creativity to the next level. We created a total of 20 mixed media assets for their joint campaign, including videos, photos, social media GIFs, and an in-store video display.

Impact-ICU | VitalTalk

We worked with VitalTalk to create this Impact-ICU Toolkit. Creating a total of 10 videos that are used as core assets to help nurses to be more effective communicators and to improve nurse-physician collaboration. These videos include a combination of model conversations and expert interviews.

More projects coming soon.


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